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The REAL Thanksgiving

Read about what really happened on the first Thanksgiving and the years leading to it and beyond.

The legend of Thanksgiving goes again more than 350 years. We have all heard the story about how the Pilgrims spent Thanksgiving with the Natives and ate completely, but is this what without a doubt happened?

The Wampanoag Indians had been descendants of the Iroquois who had spent their time in New England for lots of years. The tribe lived off the land by using searching deer and different animals in the summer and early fall, fishing salmon and herring in the spring after which moved farther inland throughout the wintry weather to are searching for shelter from the storms.



The group lived alongside the coastal vicinity in spherical-roofed homes known as ‘wigwams’ in contrast to the Midwest Indians who used teepees for you to tour quickly.

The human beings have been pleasant and hospitable closer to strangers. However a group of English travelers had saddened villages across the area with the aid of bringing disease and shooting many to be sold on the slave marketplace. One of the villages, Patuxet, demolished by way of the English changed into one of a well-known Native American, Squanto.


Squanto turned into a Native American who befriended John Weymouth (an English Explorer) and headed again to England so as to study their customs speak English and become Christian. During his stay, a British Slaver captured Squanto and offered him to the Spanish inside the Caribbean. Luckily a Spanish Franciscan priest helped Squanto again to England where he would pay Weymouth to convey him lower back to his place of origin.

On his return home Squanto had realized his village changed into deserted and left with skeletons. The neighboring tribe of Wampanoag took Squanto in and treated him as their personal.


As the 12 months went at the neighboring Pilgrims grew weaker and could not continue to exist a good deal longer. Luckily, the Wampanoag got here to the rescue. The Wampanoag added meals hospitality toward the human beings. Since Squanto spoke English he should without problems talk with the Pilgrims and display them how to develop crops and live on off the land. The businesses then spent three days collectively speakme approximately the land and consuming food.



As the years passed, more Pilgrims got here and forgot approximately the pleasant Natives. They stole land, tortured and enslaved the Wampanoag at the same time as the rest had been left foodless and with sickness.

For many, Thanksgiving is a time for rejoice and thankfulness for what our ancestors had persisted all through the early years, but for the Wampanoag it’s far a time left hard to forget.


Thanksgiving – What Were the Pilgrims Thankful For?

As a long way back as 1835, Mr. Alexis DeJocqueville stated the rocks ethereal features with a ways greater eloquence than I. “This Rock has turn out to be an item of veneration inside the United States. I actually have visible bits of it cautiously preserved in numerous towns inside the Union. Does this sufficiently show that all human electricity and greatness is within the soul of guy? Here is a stone which the toes of a few outcasts pressed for an immediate; and the stone will become famous; it’s miles valuable by means of a excellent state; its very dirt is shared as a relic.”

As an adult I changed into more willing to use my curiosity to discover why the pilgrims came to land on this rock inside the first vicinity. The solution might lead me to discover a humans pushed, not simply to a new land, but to a land that turned into free of all the tyranny and oppression that they had recognise in their own European countries. The Rock have become much less mystical to me as an grownup at the same time as the cause of the pilgrims have become a more venerable remember in my wondering.

It is not possible to contemplate those courageous Pilgrims, our forefathers, risking existence and limb and enduring the perils of the sea, the unknown, starvation and deprivation of each type without thinking about the very strong motives they had been so willing to face those perils and hardships. Discovering their motives additionally supplied answers to how the first Thanksgiving came about. The Pilgrims gave thanks because they saw the promise in their quest close to at hand and in a few small manner on the harvest time of that first year it appeared like their dream had gotten itself underway.

No one is aware of the exact words that had been spoken in that prayer just earlier than the first thanksgiving meal become eaten. But if the collective mind of all who sat for that meal will be regarded, we may be certain they had been approximately things more than the private or family profits and protection that many prayers are reduced to today.

Their thankfulness became for the possibilities of religious freedom, taxation with illustration, honest hearings earlier than magistrates whilst charged with crimes, comfort from oppressive monarchs and freedom to talk their minds with out fear of reprisal. Many of the matters taken with no consideration and rarely cited within the thanksgiving prayers of these days are what they were grateful for.

It is said that approximately ninety Indians were present on the ceremonial dinner which lasted about three days. The very sight of those natives with completely unknown and diverse get dressed and tradition consuming with our tattered however dignified forefathers in harmony and complete recognition is a image of America’s authentic dream, the dream of a place where all and sundry is welcome and capable of paintings together in a commonplace society. I am certain that they had been thankful for that small microcosmic example of the larger dream all of them shared for the nations future.

The pilgrims had been grateful for the beginning of their dream. We must be glad about the fullness of that dream. The pilgrims had been folks that knew all to well that the Aristocracy was now not inherent to those born in palaces however it was a nation of the soul and a dignity of reason discovered in humans of better thought. They had been grateful on that first thanksgiving for the seen result of that better thought. Happy Thanksgiving America.

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