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After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

That’s proper, all of the jokes on this page focus on Thanksgiving foods like turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and extra.
All of the jokes on this web page are easy and dependable for children of all a long time. They’re best for the Thanksgiving dinner table and the weeks main as much as Thanksgiving.
Here’s an idea – write jokes out on portions of paper and put them underneath the dinner plates in your desk. When every body sits down, have them take out their jokes and share some laughs as you get meals to the desk.
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After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Q: What does a turkey wish to devour on Thanksgiving?
A: Nothing – they’re already stuffed.

Q: What did the Pilgrims get after they crossed a turkey with a ghost?
A: A poultrygeist!

Q: When is turkey soup dangerous to your wellness?
A: when you’re the turkey.

Q: Why shouldn’t you look at the turkey dressing?
A: due to the fact that it’s going to make him blush.

Q: Why don’t you place the turkey near the corn?
A: due to the fact that it is going to gobble, gobble, gobble it up.

Q: What’s the important thing to a high-quality Thanksgiving dinner?
A: The turKEY.

Q: what is a turkey’s favorite dessert?
A: Peach gobbler.

Q: What’s probably the most musical part of a turkey?
A: The drumstick.After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Q: Why did the cranberries turn pink?
A: in view that they noticed the turkey dressing.

Q: How do you are making a turkey go with the flow?
A: Root beer, a scoop of ice cream, and a turkey.

Q: Why did the song band want a turkey?
A: in view that he had the drumsticks.

Q: What do you get while you go a turkey with a centipede?
A: Drumsticks for every body on Thanksgiving Day.

Q: Why does all people need bread on Thanksgiving?
A: due to the fact loaf makes the arena go circular.

Q: What did vampire Pilgrims name Thanksgiving?
A: Fangs-giving.

Q: What did Pilgrims put of their pumpkin pie?
A: Their enamel.

Q: When does Thanksgiving bread rise?
A: whilst you yeast expect it to.

Q: How did the Thanksgiving bread maintain it’s form?
A: with the aid of spending an hour on the health club’s bread computing device.

Q: What does Thanksgiving day bread do after it’s done baking?
A: It loaf’s round.

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

More Thanksgiving Jokes

Q: Why was the cranberry in the can?
A: It needed to go potty.

Q: Why couldn’t the cranberry go to the Thanksgiving celebration?
A: It was once slowed down with homework.

Q: Who scared the cranberry?
A: The booberry.

Q: Why used to be the the turkey ashamed?
A: It saw the cranberry dressing.

Q: What band do the Thanksgiving facet dishes like to listen to?
A: The Cranberries.

Q: How did the Thanksgiving planning go so good?
A: The leisure of the meal and the cranberry jelled.

Q: Which rock and roll musician is always welcome to Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Chuck Cran Berry.

Q: Why did the swimmer get any such unhealthy cramp after Thanksgiving dinner?
A: He ate too many crampberries.

Q: What did the monster serve with Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Francranberries.

Q: What must you on no account serve at Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Cranberry jellyfish.

Q: Why couldn’t someone in finding the canine’s Thanksgiving bone?
A: Cranberried it.

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Q: What do cranberries say after Thanksgiving?
A: Cranberrrrrry Christmas!

Q: What did the cranberry say to the Thanksgiving turkey?
A: Nothing. Cranberries can’t speak.

Q: What received’t a turkey consume cranberries on Thanksgiving?
A: They’re already stuffed.

Q: what is a Thanksgiving turkey’s favorite dessert?
A: Cranberry gobbler.

Q: Why don’t you put the Thanksgiving turkey near the cranberries?
A: because it’s going to gobble, gobble, gobble it up.

Q: What did the boy say when his mother desired his aid to repair the cranberry sauce?
A: but I didn’t damage it.

Q: When are cranberries dangerous for your well being?
A: when you’re the cranberry.

Q: What did the corn say when he acquired a compliment at Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Aw, shucks.

Q: What sort of candy potato starts arguments?
A: An agi-tater.

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Q: Why didn’t the sweet potato need to go to the Halloween dance party?
A: It was once fearful of the Monster Mash.

Q: What did the sweet potato mother prefer to read as a bedtime story?
A: green Eggs and Yam

Q: What do you call a monkey who makes sweet potato chips?
A: A Chipmunk.

Q: Why are sweet potatoes competent to get so much work performed?
A: on the grounds that they’re no longer sofa potatoes

Q: What do soccer avid gamers call their sweet potato fans?
A: Speck Tators.

Q: Why can’t you get indignant at a yam?
A: for the reason that they’re such sweet potatoes.

Q: What’s the difference between mashed sweet potatoes and pea soup?
A: any person can mash candy potatoes.

Q: who is the neatest spud in the backyard?
A: I yam

Q: Why are candy potatoes so wellknown?
A: they’re a-peeling.

Q: What do you call a candy potato after it’s been thinly sliced?
A: Chip.

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

Q: What do you call a stolen sweet potato?
A: A sizzling potato.

Q: What do you call a spinning candy potato?
A: A rotate-o.

Q: what number of grams of protein are in a slice of candy potato pie?
A: three.14159265…

Q: Who was once the potato’s favourite writer?
A: Edgar Allen Poe-tato.

Q: What did the candy potato philoshopher say to the potato?
A: I consider, for that reason I yam.

Q: What did the yam say to her friend after getting a gift?
A: you might be so sweet.

Q: What do sweet potatoes consume for breakfast?
A: Pota-toast with jam.

Q: What variety of socks must you put on to plant sweet potatoes?
A: garden hose.

Q: What show do candy potato song stars always watch?
A: The Yammy awards.

Q: What do you get when it rains sweet potatoes?
A: Spuddles.

Q: Why did the sweet potato pass the avenue?
A: It saw a fork up forward.

Q: What was the candy potato’s favorite sci-fi exhibit?
A: Starch Trek.

Q: How do you cheer up a baked sweet potato?
A: You butter him up.

Q: How did they describe sweet potato who gained an olympic medal?
A: Spudtacular

Q: What do you call a little one candy potato?
A: A small fry.

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

After Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes

I can’t understand you, but those plates won’t clear themselves.
– David Goodman ‏@DavidAGoodman

My wife asked me how to thaw a turkey? I said I usually just tell your mom a few jokes. If that doesn’t work there’s always alcohol.
– Shane ‏@shanethevein

I can’t wait to not eat the candied yams on Thanksgiving.
– Sara ‏@sara_ashlynn
What do you call a short video from Thanksgiving that keeps repeating? ThanksGIFing.
– Ellen DeGeneres ‏@TheEllenShow

My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.
– Phyllis Diller

After Thanksgiving dinner men fall asleep because they’re full of turkey; women fall asleep because they’re exhausted.
– Melanie White

Ever notice how you never get laid on Thanksgiving? I think it’s because all the coats are on the bed.
– George Carlin

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